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starting today, we want to present a closer look to the live artists performing this year’s Gothic Pogo Festival Edition. First legends we want you to have a closer look are NEON from Italy, on Pogo Stage Friday May 18th!  (read more…)

Neon is one of the most active band in 80’s Italian new wave time, marking Italian rock history.
The band, which was born first as a duo at the end of the 70’s in Florence’s underground culture, soon stands out for its Kraftwerk and new wave icons‘ synth, which made their style a unique 80’s cultural dream’s specimen, together with new romantic and post-punk thought of bands like Joy Division, Ultravox and Human League.

In 1980, the band got off to an electronic start with the single „Information of death“, and later, through several line up changes, it achieves to synthetize a mix of obsessive electro sounds, obscure athmospheres and quite original pop melodies which take shapes in later works like „Tapes of darkness“ (1981), „Obsession“ (1982), „My blues is you“ (1983), „Dark Age“ (1984); in 1985 „Rituals“ sanctioned Neon as the best Italian new wave band of that year.
Excellent studio productions and intense live activities have brought Neon to be one of the few icons belonging to alternative 80’s Italian music scene.

In late 2005 a cd box containing Neon’s first vinyl works has reissued, and it allowed the audience to appreciate more and more quartet’s emotional fund, innovative power and mainly showed its heritage into the international electro – wave scene.
In 2008 two other cd issues: Oscillator, the first Neon concert back in 1979 in Florence and Memories, the best of Neon 1980-1986.
In middle 2007 the band starts the Reunion Tour in Italy and Europe along with the best of the production of 30 years of activity.
Neon are working on a new album in 2018.

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