Bands of Gothic Pogo XII : Low Factor


during the next days, we would like to present to you the bands that will be playing GPF XII. Our first artist we would like you to know is Low Factor from Canada:


Montreal’s Low Factor’s work passes through time with its tones of maximum chorus guitars and its agitations of synthetic influences, going from minimal industrial hues to flirting with an urgent and equivocal pop, all the while strumming the ears with poignant and extraneous vocals.


The first LP Seizures on a Battleground, which appeared in 2014, escapes from the torment of the twilight of a youth put to term with its juvenile songs and its abrupt ends. In 2016, Low Factor released its second long play, Leçons du tonnerre : Comment créer un orage, more obscure still and announcing with a singular note a new sound to come.