Line Up

Artwork by Mindfuck of Gipsy

Gothic Pogo Festival XVI

May  25th   –  29th 2023

Deathrock, (Post-, Horror-) Punk, (New-, Minimal-, Cold-) Wave, Obscure 80s

–Thursday 25th of May—

-Halle D / Doors  10pm-

> Festival Warm Up by Graveyard Death Cvlt<

HURZ! (Present of the Future, GER)
Nora Bran (Graveyard Death Cvlt, GER)
BoogieBat (Batboner, Graveyard Death Cvlt, NO)
DekaDenz (Punks Undead, GER)

live on stage

Delta Komplex (GER)

—Friday 26th of May—

-Halle D / Doors 9pm-

> Pogo guitars<

live on stage

Cataphiles (GER)

[di:unru] (FIN)

Miguel and the Living Dead  (UK/PL)

Aftershow by Senior Deliquents

Troy (Onderstroom/NL)
Mike (Weird Science/GER)
Jan Endzeit (Crimson Night/GER)
ZeitUngeist  (Gothic Pogo/GER)


-Halle A / Doors 11pm-

(Market open from 9pm)

> Dis/Tanz queer Wave night< 

Ludi Oktokreuz (Dis/Tanz, GER)
Aurelia Dinamita (Dis/Tanz, GER)
Reverend E (Movement/ NL)
Tankel Lux (Gothic Pogo, Lumière Bleue, GER)

—Saturday 27th of May—

-Halle D / Doors 9pm-

> Mutant Transmissions <

live on stage


Bite Marx (LA, USA)

Mängelexemplar (GER)

Dear Deer (FR)

on the decks

Polina Y (Mutant Lab/BG)
Too Many Creeps
Dr Gregor Giesing (GrGr)
Graftak (DMTH)
CMO (No!ze Concrete)


-Halle A / Doors 11pm-

(Market open from 9pm)

> Return to the Batcave<

Yvonne (Old Skull/PL)
Gárgola (Vienna Decay/AT)
O! (Return to the Batcave/PL)
Woodraf (Return to the Batcave/PL)

—Sunday 28th of May—

-Halle D / Doors 9pm-

> the legendary Shock Wave marathon<

live on stage

Accident Sentimental (FR)

Sexy Suicide (PL)

Konstantin Unwohl (GER)

Aftershow with M / Andre / The Ringo  (ShockWave/GER)


-Halle A / Doors 11pm-

(Market open from 9pm)

> Dead & Buried<

Cavey Nik (Dead & Buried/UK)
Gertrud Stein (Achtung!Achtung!/UK)
MizMargo (Sleepwalk, MIZerable Monday/USA)

—Monday 29th of May—

-Halle D / Doors 10pm-

Final Night: 

> Bunkersyndikat meets Damaged Goods<

Neon Cultist

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