GPF XIV: 6 weeks ahead!

Hey friend*s,

we didn’t woot in quite some time, but of course, there are lots of things still to fix and to be taken care of 🙂
Just wanted to say hi and remind, presale is still running for you to get your tix! (read more…)
Hi Freund*innen,

wir haben uns ein Weilchen nicht gemeldet, aber natürlich gibt es noch viele Dinge zu klären und zu organisieren! Wir wollten nur kurz Hi sagen und dran erinnern: der Vorverkauf läuft noch! (mehr lesen…)

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GPF XIV – Early Bird Sale

Hey Friend*s,

today the last of the online available Tickets was ordered and we are preparing to send the 50 encore tickets today 🙂 Thank you so much! There are some more Hard Tickets, we will have them with us at Waveteef on easter weekend and also at our warm up in Berlin on May 30th, if there are some left.

Love and Regards
Your Pogo Crew

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