Gothic Pogo Festival XII


Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you! That’s what’s mostly in our minds, at the moment. Slowly we are recovering from this year’s GPF Edition and we must say:


Thank you to all the artist*s, DJ*s, helper*s, of course YOU! and all the people and supporter*s, that made it so awesome again.
All in all we can say, it was one of the most enjoyable editions, we ever had with all of you!

For all those, who want to (re-)order shirts, we will shortly open the shop again. But first, here are a few impressions of GPX II. (Beware of high data volume and long loading times!)

Hope to see you all and your friends again, next year. Have a good time, enjoy concerts and parties and support your local scene!

Your’s truly,
Gothic Pogo Crew

Picture Credits go to our new friend Michelle Medonça

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