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Horror Vacui (IT)


Horror Vacui officially started in early 2010 even though some songs and the idea of a goth/death rock band were already alive at least 5 years before when some of the members were living in London. After some line up changes and some practices, we found a stable line up in December 2010. We played our first show in June 2011 supporting The Estranged and a month later we recorded 6 songs that we distributed for free on CD (100 copies pressed) to friends we were meeting on the road during the Kontatto (another band where two of us play in) tour in Summer 2011. The promo CD got really good responses so we decided to press 200 official Demo CD’s with the same tracklist but with a more professional attempt. A lot of promoters, bands, zines, labels got in touch so we started playing live a lot, recording stuff and writing new tunes. In March 2012 we recorded a 12 songs session and released two records off it:

Can You Still See Reality? 7” EP (Legion Of The Dead Records – May 2012)

In Darkness You Will Feel Alright LP/CD/Tape (Legion Of The Dead Records / Avant! Records / HPGD Productions – October 2012)


In December ’12 / January ’13 we toured France and Spain with the Spanish peace punk band Sect (former members of Belgrado in the line up) and in September 2013 we toured Europe ending at the mighty dark night at The Enemy Of The Sun Festival in Prague. In March 2014 we recorded another 10 songs session and two more records saw the light:

Limited U.S.A. Tour 2 tracks 7” EP (Mass Media Records – October 2014)

Return Of The Empire LP/CD/Tape (U.S. press on Black Water Records / HPGD Productions – October 2014 and European press on Legion Of The Dead Records / Avant! Records – June 2015)

In October / November 2014 we toured the U.S.A. The West Coast has been toured together with the peace punk band Vivid Sekt from Portland (former members of Arctic Flowers and Moral Hex in the line up), while the East Coast has been toured just by ourselves.


In August / September 2015 we toured Europe again and played some important festivals like La Semana Gotica (Madrid) and Sacrosanct (Reading). In 2016 we played some festivals around Europe like the Evil Fest in Southern Italy, The Return To The Batcave in Wroclaw and the Scumfest in London. 2017 saw us going back to the West Coast to play the Manic Relapse festival in Oakland, California plus 8 more shows from Los Angeles to Seattle. We released a special flexi limited edition with two brand new songs called “Die Schwartzen Keller Session” released by the band itself and only available at our shows.


Our music is heavily influenced by the old UK goth rock like Bauhaus, The Chameleons, Lords Of The New Church, Screaming Dead, Fields Of the Nephilim, Sisters Of mercy, The Damned etc. and the old Californian death rock like Christian Death, 45 Graves, Mephisto Waltz, Screams For Tina, Kommunity FK and so on. Our lyrics deal more with the typical anarcho punk topics like the disgust for war, government, fascism, todays society etc etc.

Since we started playing, we’ve been invited to open for many bands we grew up with, like Christian Death, Theatre Of Hate, The Chameleons, The Mob, Spears Of destiny, Part 1, The Zoundz etc.

In 2011 we started a new collective called Legion Of The Dead (that also became the label we release our records for) with the goal to start booking d.i.y. shows in our squat in Bologna Atlantide for the new bands who approached the revival of the goth/wave/death rock style. So far we booked shows for Belgrado (Spain), Dystopian Society (Italy), The Estranged (U.S.A.), Tanzkommando Untergang, Bellicose Minds, Wind Atlas, Shadowhouse, Rakta, Terminal Gods, His Electro Blue Voice, Havah and tons of local acts.

The current line up is:

Koppa: vocals
Masbucci: guitar
Marziona: guitar
Lara: bass
Aggio: drums

We all play in other bands: Kontatto (D-beat), Intothebaobab (anarcho punk), Doxie (all grrrls punk rock), Ancient Cult (70’es rock); and we run Atlantide squat in Bologna.




The Last Days of Jesus (SK)
– new album release-




Tsa tsa boom!

…here comes the band’s most diverse album up to date, full of sad hits and crazy chansons.

Open your mind because you’re about to be listening to Slovak Gothic Rock legend with very special guests like the great jazz singer Hanka G., talented young trumpetist Matej Korbelič, freaky double bass player Fabko (The Rockefellas) and French multi-instrumentalist  Hellebore (known from bands like Deadchovsky or Crimson Muddle). 16 songs were composed and produced during 8 years.

Caution: this album contains dangerously contagious laughter of the Joker !



The Last Days of Jesus formed in Bratislava in May 1993. During more than 20 years of it’s existence, the band has been labelled as gothic circus, schizo-deathrock or gothic-cabaret by the fans and music journalists. However members of the band usually agree that they play fusion of classic death rock and gothic rock with contemporary sounds and compositions, enriched with elements of punk, post-punk, new wave and rock’n’roll… German music magazine Zillo once described this cocktail of music styles as „…something ingenious, bizarre but straightforward at the same time…“.

Another characteristic sign of the band is the irony and ambiguity in it’s lyrics and visuals. The world and common life have always been sufficient as the source of inspiration for words voiced out on the stage by the main Joker and frontman of the band mary0. Words about serious topics which are often infused with criticism and sarcasm.

The band started with live performances in their home town Bratislava, where they also recorded the first two demos in 1994-1995. Gigs in Germany, Austria and Czech Republic followed shortly after.

The first album „Arma Christi“ was released under German label Alice in… in 1997 and one year later, the band played at the largest European gothic-rock festival Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, followed by many smaller gigs and new destinations like Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Poland.

The band was signed by global label EMI for a short period in 2001 and the album „Songs From the Psycho TV“ was released. In the same period (around 1999-2002), the band discovered new inspirations and got engaged in interesting cooperations:

For example, they had formed very creative friendship with visual artist Martin Gerboc, who has been using band’s motives in some of his works of art, hence adding completely new dimension to the band’s concept. Martin Gerboc also directed both official The Last Days of Jesus video clips and was the author of booklets for CD single „Guns & Fun“ (2003) and subsequent album „Alien Road“ (2004). On the other hand, the band has contributed musically by performing at some of Martin Gerboc’s painting expositions and also dedicated song „Animal Boy, Mechanical Toy“ to his book“Kvapky krvi.

Štruktúry sadomasochizmu“ (Chronos, 2005). Another interesting fact is that The Last Days of Jesus‘ music was used by director Karol Vosátko in theatre GUnaGU’s play „Gotika“ in 2003. The same music later inspired and was used by director Vlado Fischer in his movie „Poločas rozpadu“ (2007) where the band even flashed in one of the movie scenes.

In 2003, The Last Days of Jesus started it’s cooperation with Austrian label Strobelight Records and new touring destinations – UK, France and Hungary were added to the band’s diary. Album „Alien Road“ was released in 2004 and it was followed by the band’s performances at new destinations – clubs in USA, Spain, Netherlands, Finland, Romania, Switzerland and Latvia.

The next album „Dead Machines‘ Revolution!“ was released 3 years later under Strobelight Records and under Shadowplay label (as a licensed release for Russian and Baltic countries). In 2009, the band did the first Russian mini-tour followed by EP „Once Upon a Time in the East“ (Strobelight Records) which was the tribute to 80’s bands from behind the Iron Curtain.

In it’s very rich live performance history, The Last Days of Jesus has been privileged to support legendary bands as The Damned, New Model Army, Visage, Young Gods, Sex Gang Children, Ausgang, Das Ich, Antiworld, Cinema Strange, Faith & the Muse…

Currently mary0, Feššy, Anjou, Bajo and dr. are preparing to promote their brand new album The Last Circus!


Madre Del Vizio (GER)



finest guitar sounds, from Punk to Deathrock, to Post-Punk and weird stuff with:

Jan Endzeit (Crimson Night/GER)
Stormy Winters (GER)
Yvonne (Oldskull/PL)

Halle A

Doors 11 pm
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