Bands of Gothic Pogo XII: Madre del Vizio

So, the final preparations have begun! We are super excited and proud we can present one of the bands that inspired the whole scene, who will be headlining guitar Friday this year: Madre del Vizio!

Madre dle Vizio Fulvio 3

The first appearance on the musical scenery was with their first Split-EP together with Les Fleurs du Mal. It should take them two years to release the debut „Dio Dio Dio“ in 1992, followed by many tours all over Europe, the addition of a second guitarist to the line-up another output „The Crypt“ (1993).

Madre del Vizio Kerze

Meanwhile the band had become a constant in the Goth Rock Area, but after the release of the two EPs „Feast of Blood“ and „All Around“ in 1995 and 1996 they had to change their band name to Madre due to rights issues in order to release the new album „Mesmerismo“ on the new found label Schwarzrock in 1998. Their most recent album is called „Antonomasia“ (2005).

Madre del Vizio Fulvio 1

Recently, the Band is working on their latest Album „Il Cimitero del Pianto“, which is to be released soon.
Next to their classics, they will also be presenting some new songs live on Gothic Pogo stage.