25-08-18 Passion of Lovers – meets Gothic Pogo Party

Hey Friend*s!

We’re super excited about this! GPP will be guests in Berlin again and this time it’s because of the invitation of a long-time good friend! It also looks like there will be a special live appearance! See you  on the Dancefloor @Passion of Lovers!
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Passion of Lovers is a new Berlin Event dedicated to the Guitar
orientated side of Punk, Goth and Wave Music.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^We want to honor the timeless beauty and melancholy of 80s Wave the mystery, dramatic of Goth Rock,
the pumping raw power of Postpunk and Batcave, chasing madness and psychedelia of Death Rock and overwhelming energy of WavePunk and NDW as much as the immortal
timeless sound of the 80s that inspired so many great artists in the last 40 Years.


LineUp: On the Decks.

DJ ZeitUngeist (Gothic Pogo Party, Leipzig)
DJ Ilija (Swango Fandango, ex Frank the Baptist, Total Recall,
TanzFatale, Duncker Club Berlin)
DJ Mr Manic (Spellbound, USA)
DJ Crudelia Van Grimm (Passion of Lovers, NY, London,
Zwischenfall, Berlin)

We will serve you with the best Mix of Postpunk, Deathrock, GuitarWave, Batcave, 80s Cult, Goth and Glam Rock, Dark and 80s Punk.

Live on Stage: tba.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what we don´t play will be electronic music, EBM, Minimal and similar we have nothing against electronic music, but the focus of the event is not on it. Same as any music supporting racial or sexual prejustice, Nationalism, Fascism or its aesthetics.
Its a queer friendly event any form of sexual or racial harassment will be punished immediately. But im sure that anyone, that i really have to inform about that is wrong here anyway.

Passion of lovers-never meant to be another best of the 80s hit on hit party, we honor the immortal icons of the 80s in the same way like actual bands

link to fb event: