Bands of GPF XIII: Werther Effekt

Hey People,

first of all, we wish a great start into the week for all of you! Today’s artist*s in focus are our dear friend*s and sister*s in crime: Werther Effekt. Originally from Brazil, we had the pleasure of getting to know them in 2015 and walking alongside them since that point in our lives. (read more)…

Queer electronic duo (DJ/producer Dita Crumbs and
vocalist/producer Dada Crumbs), from Brazil, based in
Our music is a mixture of dark-synth, obscure electronics, cold beats, electro-punk, absurd-wave and post-punk. This references are also present in our dj sets.

Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil and now residing in Leipzig,
the duo Werther Effekt, formed by the artists Dita and Dada Crumbs, started dj-ing and producing original music in 2015. Influenced by the post-punk scene and fascinated by electronic sounds Werther Effekt combined these elements in the construction of their DJ sets and starting a year later also in their music production. Their purpose is to expose people to an unusual dance floor, mixing  different, and often opposed, music genres and influences.


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